Tablet Computers & Big Toy Cars

Each individual has enjoyed the happiness of playing with toys in childhood. Toys, an indispensable place for children, began to change with the development of time and technology. Apart from the known toy concept, we started to put technological tools into the toy category. Instead of playing with Big Toy Cars, boys are beginning to prefer car racing games on their computers, while girls are choosing to play babysitting games on their tablets instead of playing home with babies.

Technology, which has a great place in our daily lives, will be getting more and more in the life and education of children. But how accurate is it that children leave the toys and go to technology?

Playing with toys allows the child to discharge his energy and reveal all his / her thoughts. Expand your imagination. The child learns the difference between the real world and the dream world during play. It becomes socialized through the game, learns to share, and communicates with its peers.

Research shows that children spend time with technology instead of Big Toy Cars, which can have negative effects on personality development. For this reason, parents and educators take great responsibility for the children to have a healthy development process. It is best to allow the use of computers and tablets at certain times and parental control without completely depriving children of the technology. In this way, children can spend time with their toys and not be far from enjoying toys.

Let’s not forget that a child who grows up without a game becomes an adult who can not meet his or her needs.

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