What Kind Of Fuel To Fill In A Big Toy Car

Their Chinese online store sent – that’s such a thing . Roll, they say, with your son, share your impressions. Has arrived. With a hefty control panel, all the way through. Here you can find what kind of fuel to fill in a big toy cars.

Well, I think, now I’ll put batteries into it – and go to the street to drift. I remove the cover, but inside there are no hints of the battery compartment or battery. And some very strange engine. And some kind of container with a lid, very similar to the fuel tank. And a cable for the plant of this case, as in a motorcycle.

There was nothing else except the machine and the console, the English part of the instruction, first, immediately to the top ten models, and, secondly, it was written about the same way as they write the Russian instructions, that is, nothing is clear.

I rummaged on the Internet – yes, it’s on the gasoline and got wound up like a motorcycle. And what kind of fuel and where to take it – did not understand.

I asked the Chinese, they do not know either. Methanol oil, they say. And the machine can not go to methanol for oil, it does not need oil, but a little bit of fuel.

So what kind of fuel – maybe someone knows? And it looks all fun, but does not go until a damn thing.

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