The First Collection Of Big Toy Cars

Do not refuse the child if he asks for another car to replenish his mini-car park. Psychologists convince: Big toy cars transport is needed for thousands of different purposes, which adults do not even suspect. Games with cars widen vocabulary and horizons, allow you to play story games and even are able to interest in history. Modern manufacturers are well aware of the interest of boys in miniature technology, and therefore offer a large range.

Especially impressive children are large-scale models of big toy cars. Of course, they almost completely repeat the original. Such cars open hoods, doors and trunks move. You can even consider the engine and the hood stickers. And if you look into the salon, you will see the control panel and the texture of the seats. The most common is the ratio of 1:43. Other formats are also used: 1:24, 1:59, 1:87.

Games with a collection of big toy cars

Usually parents buy a child several models of cars. A personal vehicle fleet is used during the game – with reduced copies of the transport, even girls play with pleasure. However, if the boys organize races or transport building material, the young princesses use models in the story games. For example, they gladly rent a doll for shopping or send Barbie and Ken on a honeymoon trip on the car.

There are even car models, made in the form of public transport: tram, bus, trolley. A miniature ambulance or fire truck is suitable for fast, dynamic games. And there are building and military equipment! But special love is enjoyed by copies of cars. Even older collectors do not mind buying Audi A7 or Land Rover.

Toy models are usually equipped with an inertial mechanism. It is enough to take the toy back, and it accelerates forward. Dynamic game should be supplemented with an expansion of horizons, and parents can contribute to this. For example, you can buy a book dedicated to a specific direction: fire engines, construction equipment, cars. It is also a voluminous material for studying the history of society. It is possible to tell, on what cars preferred to go celebrities and even to look for the appropriate technique in cult films. If the child is interested, the hobby can grow into watching documentaries and collecting the collection.

Sometimes it is with the purchase of automodels that the first steps in the world of technology are started by talented designers or car magnates. If the kid is seriously interested in collecting, psychologists do not advise limiting the child out of fear of exceeding the “useful” number of toys. Selecting a new model, give the choice to the child – we get any machine, but only one. If collecting is not supported by a special interest in technology or giftedness in this field, interest in collecting will last about a year.

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