These Caterpillar Dump Truck Toy work without batteries!

Do you want your little one to learn to respect nature, protect the environment and become familiar with ecological values? You can help with all kinds of tools to achieve this goal little by little. In Nabumbu we suggest you do it with some funny toy trucks . Surely your little one loves them!

This is Dickie Toys’ Air Pump toy trucks. Discover the fun of imagining being your own backyard contractor with this Caterpillar Dump Truck Toy. They are ecological toys! You know why? Because they work without batteries . So you can forget about changing batteries and your little one will enjoy his game uninterruptedly. In addition, you reduce waste and protect the environment. Can you ask for more?

The mechanism of these toy trucks is very simple. They work thanks to air pumps that are activated by pressing a button or moving a lever. It has no danger.

For example, you can choose the Truck to transport Air Pump cars . It measures 57 cm. and includes a cars to be able to tow it. The trailer ramp moves with an air pump, without the need to use batteries.

If, in addition, you want the kids to become aware of the importance of recycling , look at these other toy trucks:

What better way to learn to recycle than playing with garbage trucks? With these eco toys from Dickie Toys the game will be healthier. Both also work with Air Pump technology . Their movements are triggered by air pumps.

These two toy trucks, of different sizes, are replicas of MAN vehicles . Your trailers can be raised and lowered by pressing a button. You can also dump the container inside the trailer, as if it were a real garbage truck. Each pack includes a truck and a garbage container.

What are you waiting for to try these ecological toys ? Your little one will have fun with them while learning valuable lessons. Bet on Caterpillar Dump Truck Toy!

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