Car Models

Collecting car models can be a fun pastime for everyone, especially for lovers of the motor world. However, understanding how to collect cars can actually be quite difficult. It’s not just about buying as many cars as possible, as many people think; It’s much more than that. One of the sections of vehicle collecting is the collection of toy cars, and in this we will focus.

  1. Decide what kind of cars you want to collect. The “toy” cars are all different. We are going to focus on the article in scale models. There are RC cars (Radio Control), modern cars (that is, Hot Wheels style), old cars and much more. Decide what you want to collect based on the following information:

RC cars. The radio control cars are, in general, quite large. They are powered by batteries or need to be charged through a charger. Radio controlled cars can be quite expensive compared to other toy cars. However, RC cars come in many different models and they look much more fun.

Modern cars. Modern scale cars are much cheaper and can be purchased at almost any toy store. Hot Wheels is a popular modern toy car maker because it makes ramps and other accessories with which to play. If you do not have much space, modern toy cars can be a good alternative for additional shelves.

Classic cars. Classic cars are, for many fans, the best. However, you will need a good knowledge of cars and their history if you want to be a true collector of classic toy cars. Classic cars can be quite expensive, because most of them are very difficult to find now, or made with rare materials. Investigate first about classic cars if you want to start collecting them.

Evaluate your budget. If you are too young to work, then your budget, obviously, will be quite small. If you have a small job or get some money, then your budget will be a little bigger. You can buy a car a week, more or less. If you have more money, maybe you can get more than one per week.

Investigate. Now that you know what kind of cars you want to collect and how much money you have, you can start researching the toy cars you want to buy. That’s right, more research. Before spending all the money, you need to know where you can find the cheapest cars. This way, you will save money, which means that you will be able to buy even more cars. Do not discard auction sites, such as eBay, Amazon, or family members who have stopped using their cars and are willing to give them to you.

Buy your cars. Now that you know exactly what cars you are getting from exactly what store or site, go buy it. If you’re looking for vintage cars, look online for old toy sections, look for live auctions specializing in antique toys, and check out ads in specialist magazines, etc.

Condition Check the condition of your toy cars that you buy. If you think it is damaged, missing its original packaging or is very used, you can judge whether it is worth it, or not, the money you are going to pay. Always keep in mind that the value of your pieces is determined by their condition. The best condition that can be obtained is that it is in perfect condition, in its original box or packaging, unopened and unused. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the box or the wrapper of your pieces so that you can sell them in the future.

Take an inventory. When you start collecting a lot of cars, it is easy to lose track and buy many of the same type by accident. For this reason, it is recommended to keep an inventory. A good inventory establishes the name of the model, a brief description (for example, small scratch on the left exterior mirror), color, name of the manufacturer and an image or drawing of the car.

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